Christmas Meal Prep – Part 1

I just noticed that all of my posts so far are doom and gloom. It’s Christmas Eve, so it’s time to have some fun!! Jason and I have always liked to cook together, and this year we’ve expanded on that hobby and I have to say, we are making some amazing meals and learning so much along the way. He’s my best friend, so that makes the food taste even better. Plus, who doesn’t love random hugs and maybe a few stolen kisses while cooking?! I mean, seriously.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to this week. We needed a gluten free, dairy free, nut free meal that tastes good. It’s possible, I promise. It’s a simple thing really, either we cook this way or we die (literally – thanks food allergies!).

Porcini and spinach stuffing (made with gluten free bread crumbs). We are having prime rib so the mushroom and spinach flavor in the stuffing will go really well with that flavor profile.
Christmas dinner isn’t the same without fresh cranberry sauce. It’s so easy to make, if you’ve never done it, try it! It takes 15 minutes. I added Cara Cara orange juice and zest this year. No regrets. It’s tasty.
I’m a sucker for a good green bean casserole but I think canned cream of mushroom soup is disgusting, plus it has dairy, which is a no go for me. So, I made my own, dairy free cream of mushroom soup and we will top this with corn flake cereal for baking. No French fried onions (which I love, but they have gluten) so corn flakes is a good substitute.
Jason made deviled eggs with homemade Mayo and fresh dill.
Jason also threw together 2 dairy free pumpkin pies, and he made the filling. Oh, also gluten free, we bought pre-made crusts. Easy peasy.
I made two apple, pear, cranberry pies (using the fresh cranberry sauce I made). If you don’t have a good Japanese knife, you need one. Your life will never be the same. Handmade knives are in a different solar system than any store bought knife – even the expensive ones.
Pie filling – gluten free flour is easy to find and use, and you wouldn’t even notice a difference in a pie.
The kitchen manager. He’s kind of a lurker.
And the other kitchen manager. She’s really nice.
How much more festive can you get than this?

So this is the prep for our meal tonight. I can’t wait!!! Only a few more hours until we can celebrate the holiday.

One thought on “Christmas Meal Prep – Part 1

  1. Hey, its me, the guy with the Bulldog shirt, lol. Yes, we have been having an amazing time in the kitchen, absolutely hands down, super duper fun, so fun that I didn’t even know what a Porcini was had to look it up as I wrote, this, then was like oh yeah those tasty mushrooms, I got side tracked by my sweets lovely smile, she can sneak those in anytime she wants to distract me!

    Cooking, wow, has seriously been a great adventure for us as a couple, I suggest it for anyone, its not a one woman, one man show, it should be done together. You learn so much about each other while cooking, lots of conversations, working hand in hand, sometimes one taking the lead, and the other helping and supporting, both taking turns. Sometimes something goes wrong, and you work together to solve an issue. Sometimes tackling different dishes to bring them together to accent each other. It is a beautiful dance for sure, and I am excited to hit the kitchen more often with her.

    If you are newly married or someone like us that have been married over 25 years remember that you are partners, you are equals, enhancing each other every step of the way. Marriage isn’t easy, but it is worth it, absolutely. We haven’t always got it right, but we are working at it, we are doing it and that feels awesome.

    I am going to eventually write some of my thoughts here on our blog, but I leave with the definition of Enhance.

    ENHANCE: Intensify, Increase, Further to improve the quality, value, magnify, strengthen, amplify, build up, boost, lift, raise, enrich, reinforce, deepen.

    If that isn’t a recipe for marriage, I don’t know what is.

    #marriagegoals #husbandandwife #love #whatscooking


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