Christmas Meal Prep Part 2

We decided this year to cook our main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. No regrets! We had plenty of leftovers for Christmas Day, and we always make a big Christmas breakfast so that way the cooking is split up and it’s not so much kitchen time when you want to relax with family on the holiday.

Also, if you want to do a trade, I’ll cook for you if you wrap presents for me. I hate wrapping gifts! I love giving them, but the wrapping is the worst!

The star of the Christmas meal was the prime rib. We planned to cook it on the smoker on a salt block. It was a great idea…until the smoker stopped working in the middle of the cooking time. So we improvised and transferred it to the oven. It worked well and the day was saved! The salt block is a great way to infuse lots of flavor in to a prime rib.
Himalayan salt block. 🙂 Try it! I think I bought this one at World Market.
We got Christmas plates this year. It’s a fun way to add festivity to the Christmas meals. Love the plaid!
It was our first meal on our new dining room table. Jason and I had our eye on this table for 2 years and finally got it this summer. It’s a beauty!
Grandma’s seven layer salad and Martinelli’s are necessities for a good meal
Good food and loved ones made the day special. PS I’m annoyed that my little trees are crooked in this picture but hey, there’s always something a little wonky with holidays, am I right?

Hope you had a nice day celebrating, we sure did. It was our 27th Christmas together and I think it was one of my favorite ones of all time. – Leslie

One thought on “Christmas Meal Prep Part 2

  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! So fun cooking with my best friend. This Christmas was very special. Can’t wait to live life for the next 12,775 days, and hopefully many days and hours past that.


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