Authentic Marriage -Defining Me, You, and Us

The questions we have been asking ourselves lately about marriage are: How did it work out? What did it take? What happens when we get misdirected? What happens when we accidentally succeed? How did we grow? Why have we chosen to stay together all these years?

Sometimes I think we skip to quickly from ‘it was hard sometimes’ to ‘’it all worked out somehow.’ That’s what I plan to write about here, that space in between and what has really helped us make our marriage work. I only know one way to be, and that is introspective. Jason shares that quality and we have spent a lot of time examining our relationship and these very questions.

In addition, marriage is equally an endeavor to unite two people completely, while allowing room for each individual to be the person they are meant to be. This has been important for both of us to examine. Particularly as a woman, I am proud of the many roles I have in life, but it hasn’t been easy for me to figure out the intersection that isn’t just ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ or ‘worker’ or ‘good person’. I am guessing I’m not alone in that struggle. I’m learning. I’m adding ‘writer’ to that list. Most important of all, I just want to be ‘Leslie’. I want to write about that too because it matters to me.

We also want to share some our daily life in this online space. We like to have fun, laugh, enjoy our family, and any adventure the outdoors can bring us. Whether we are feeding the cows, mowing the field, riding snowmobiles, or cooking together, we are living a life together that we love, and learning along the way.

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