Q&A With Our Critics

Welcome to a Q&A session regarding some of the ridiculous comments and questions people have said to both of us through the years about the choice to start a business. Had we listened to them, things might have turned out very differently, or we might have given up all together.

Fortunately, we haven’t listened to them, we’ve followed the calling of our life, and we are still doing that 18 years later. Also, these questions and comments haven’t come from any actual paying customers. They are just armchair critics. Typical.

Regarding our family owned business, we have tons of supporters, fans, friends, customers, and followers. They far outweigh the naysayers, doomsayers, and dummies who have criticized us or questioned us through the years by 10,000 to 1.

We are thankful for encouragement of those who have taken the time to do so. The people who have supported us are our kind of people. They think outside the box, celebrate creativity, and coloring outside the lines.

That’s the life that Jason and I have chosen, and we are blessed with people who are diverse and extremely talented. Thank you for your support and inspiration through the years. It means a lot to us.

Denwerks spraypainting crew

Some words of advice if you’ve faced with critics when you’re starting a business.

It’s not just starting a business either, it’s pursuing a dream! It’s interesting that pretty much all of these comments came during times when things were tough. Whether we were just starting out, or during the difficult times, that seems to been when discouragement has crept in.

Most of these comments actually hurt us when they were said. Others were just stupid and we laughed them off. Either way, none of them have changed the direction we were going at the time, or our direction now. Now we can laugh at these, and provide the things we wish we would have said at the time.

Push past the urge to negativity affect the direction you’re going and do your thing. Don’t let anyone get to you.

Surprise everyone, we’ve made it for 18 years of business and we are still going strong. We didn’t fail! Oh, and thanks, but no thanks, for your negative energy. We are pressing on and loving this life we have chosen.


Do you think you’ll ever get a job again?

I thought this was my job. Thanks for asking!

No, really, I mean, are you going to get a job where you actually go to a workplace and not your garage? Don’t you want to have retirement savings and an actual career?

I have retirement savings and a career, imagine that?! I love every day of my life and waking up to go to work. Plus I don’t have a commute. How about you? Do you love your job?

Don’t you wish Jason dressed in a suit more often, like my husband?

Oh, you mean like a funeral director? No thanks. (This one actually did come from someone whose husband WAS a funeral director).

I have a suggestion for you. I saw your auctions and your videos, and I think you could really benefit from Toastmasters. It would help you become very successful.

Thank you, but I’m one of top classic car dealers in my field. I’m not interested in polishing up my speaking, I’ll stick to polishing up cars and selling them. If you’re the example of success in criticizing me then I’ll pass on Toastmasters.

So, Leslie, are you just waiting for Jason to hit it big with his business so that you can quit your job?

First, I didn’t know that I invited you in to my life decisions. Second, I have a career that I love, and just because I’m a woman, I can do that, independent of Jason. Our life choices are none of your concern. I even put on pants today, and not a skirt. Somehow I manage to function and have my own life and interests, even though I’m a woman. Who knew?!

That looks like a lot of work, I’d rather use my head and mental capabilities to earn money than my hands. (Said from a person who was a businessman in a suit).

Thanks, I appreciate that, first, you are dressed like a funeral director. Second…..you’re so right. This takes zero brains and talent or skill to run a business. Great job, I’m proud of you for your observations.

I can’t believe you live here. The first thing I would do is buy my wife a house. (Said by a visitor after we had scrimped and saved to buy a house and property we could afford that we could also use for our business in the early days.)

I’ll keep that in consideration. Especially since you’re single and have already been divorced 3 times. (Yep, this person was actually single and had 3 divorces under his belt)

What makes you think you can sell that car for that much money? You must be crazy. (We’ve heard this at least 100 times – no exaggeration).

Well I’ve sold 10 of these exact cars in the last year, and over 1000 cars throughout the duration of my career. So I’m curious, how many cars have you sold? Oh none? Okay, thanks.

I don’t understand what you are doing. I could respect it if you were really going to do something, but you are just going home to work in your garage and sell things on the internet. (Jason’s old boss)

Well, I guess I’ll have to see how it goes. (18 years later…..I guess it’s worked out ok?!)

Can you make a living doing that? Is this all you do?


Do you have enough work here to add another person? (Job applicant)

Yes, but not from someone like you, who is going to question me before they even have a job. Bye! Good luck on the job hunt.

I thought the cars would be a little nicer and in better condition when I came to work here. I’m disheartened. (Employee)

That’s what I hired you for. Oh, and, you’re fired. *Truly, this is exactly the conversation that went down. It still makes us laugh!

In conclusion.

Do you. Be you. Have fun. Pursue your passions. Succeed. Make mistakes. Fail. Learn. Live the life you want to live. Most of all, ignore the critics.

Thanks for having a little fun with us today!

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