2021 Adventures

We rang in 1.1.2021 in central Oregon. It was so nice to get away and enjoy some outdoor activities and time away. We spent our time together enjoying each other’s company and making plans for the new year. Read along to find out what we are up to, and some of the fun things we’ll be blogging about in 2021.

Here are some highlights from the trip.

We have lots of fun planned for this year.

Aloha Hawaii!!

A trip to Hawaii is in the cards for summer, we are crossing our fingers to be able to travel by then, but being optimistic. I can’t wait! Sun and sand are in the prescription for us both for sure. Hello coffee plantations, hiking, beach time, luau, and sightseeing. We are way overdue for a good long vacation. If you have recommendations for us, we are all ears.

Hello Gambler 500

We are also participating in the Gambler 500 in June. I can’t wait! It’s going to be an adventure and we will document our progress along the way in getting our car ready. It’s something Jason and I are doing together on our anniversary weekend. Our team name: ‘If the wagon’s rockin’ don’t bother knockin’!!!

Hallo Woodburn Dragstrip

In addition, we have a drag race to settle. Jason and I are trying to figure out whose car is faster, his or mine, so we are going to be heading to Woodburn Dragstrip to settle the score this spring. It’s America vs. Germany for this one. I’m betting on Germany 🙂

The only view of the Raptor I like, the rearview! 🙂

What are your plans for this year?

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