Interview with Kathryn Inman – Christian Writer

Kathryn Inman - Andersons of West Hills Interview

by Leslie Anderson

Andersons of West Hills Interview Kathryn Inman

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Kathryn Inman, a Christian writer, who is poised to have a big impact with her upcoming book, Counting Spoons – A Memoir of Heroin, Heartache, and Hope. Kathryn’s book details the account of her son Justin’s battle with heroin addiction.

She wrote the book along with Justin, a true measure of the restoration and hope that has taken place in their lives.

Raw, intense, and brutally honest, Counting Spoons is about lies, crime, addiction, desperate love, and a miraculous rescue. It reveals the power of redeeming grace, the joy in a comeback, and the unfailing love of a God who saves.

I first connected with Kathryn on social media, and as I looked at her profile and website, I saw a deep faith and connection to the Lord through her writings. I wanted to know more about her and her upcoming book because her talent for writing intrigued me.The courage she is displaying in sharing such a deeply personal account of addiction is something that came through immediately in our interview.

Before the Interview

Kathryn was gracious enough to talk with me to discuss her life and her writings as well. Before we talked, I asked Kathryn to describe herself for those who don’t know her. She said, ‘The core of who I am is a daughter of God—I hope others can see that in me. Other than that, I would describe myself as positive, loving, kind, a bit high strung, a dash of OCD, an introvert, brave, sprinkles of pride (I’m working on it) and a ton of passion about things I love.’

Taking Kathryn’s self-description, I went in to our conversation only knowing that one dimensional glimpse of her and a little bit from social media channels. As we connected, I found through our conversation that she does have a deep faith and love for the Lord and that shined through from the moment we started talking. Through sharing her story, I did find that she is hopeful, peaceful, brave, and kind too.

We connected immediately and had a warm conversation, the kind that draws you in immediately.

Kathryn is also a woman who has been deeply changed by her son’s battle with heroin addiction, and she found the strength and hope of the Lord through walking this difficult path with him and watching as he and her family made the choice to recover.

She has seen her family restored. The experience of watching years of addiction ravage their family and then God’s intervention and rescue has made her aware of how real God is and that it is only through him that healing is possible.

Her story, and the story of her family are incredibly inspiring. Seeing that the only hope was leaning in to the Lord and His promises, Kathryn has been able to support her family and others through such a devastating journey to a new life of hope and peace. This life is one that is undergirded by the hope of the Lord and realizing that restoration is possible and each day is a step in that journey.

In her three years of writing, she has written her first book, built an author platform, and is actively seeking out publishing opportunities. Her favorite topic to write about is suffering and overcoming obstacles because through telling the story of suffering, she can demonstrate the peace and joy that comes through healing and finding freedom in Christ. She is inspiring others with this message of hope in the written word and in how she lives her life.

Read along for my interview with her. At the end, please see the links for her social media, blog, and other contact information so that you can learn more about the upcoming book. I know you’ll be as inspired as I was.

The Interview: Kathryn Inman, Christian Writer

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

Ok, here we go! My name is Kathryn Inman—not Kathy. Long story. Unimportant. Anyway, I worked as an Operations Director for a non-profit organization for over thirty years. I thought I would work there forever, but my husband convinced me to resign, and, so, I did!

I traded my high heels for flip flops, jumped on a plane, and joined him in Kona, Hawaii where he works for a coffee farm. It is on this beautiful Big Island that I discovered my passion for writing. Something about the slow pace and beauty of island life unlocked the creative side of my brain and the words started to flow. Like a river!

My husband and I have a blended family—between the two of us we have five amazing adult children, two daughters-in-law, three grandchildren, and a beautiful horse. Well, I don’t exactly have my horse, yet. But I will. Soon. I hope! I am a proud pescatarian, nature lover, a fan of healthy living, and it’s worth saying twice—I love horses.

Who are the most important people in your life, and why?

THE most important person in my life is Jesus Christ—I am nothing without Him. My husband, he is my always and forever, my happily ever after. And, of course, our grandkids— Everly Grace, Jeremiah Dean, and Ledger McKnight—they bring me immeasurable joy and give me hope for the future.

Kathryn Inman Christian Writer Interview with Andersons of West Hills

My two biological sons both got married and gave us three beautiful grandchildren in less than three years, so our world got a whole lot brighter! Our children—Shaylin, Dillon and wife Jessica, Justin Dean and wife Amanda, Justin Anthony, and Kayleigh.

Each one of them is special to me in ways I cannot describe, but if you met them you would understand. My sister, Martha, is my best friend since birth. She’s my personal editor, support system, and pretty much my favorite person ever. I could continue but it would take pages, so let me just say that I have an entire army of important people that lift me up and make me whole. I am truly blessed.

What is your favorite way to spend a day?

I really want to make up something cool and exciting here, so I don’t sound boring, but I’ll be honest… My favorite way to spend the day is to get up early, read God’s word, exercise, do my chores, and sip on hot tea while I write.

I love quiet days. I thrive in routine. And I dig the rain! I’m not talking endless, wintery cold, rainy days. I’m talking about tropical rain, a California down pour, nothing too cold for me! I most enjoy the simple things in life.

How did you become a writer?

I shared with you that I quit my job—that happened on a Friday. My husband booked my flight from California to Hawaii that very next Saturday morning.

During the flight I started writing my first book, and I finished it within a year. It literally poured out of me. My dad, may he rest in heavenly peace, was a writer. I like to think that he passed some of his gifts on to me. I have been writing for almost three years.

What are the three most important things that you want people to know about you?

Jesus Christ is my savior.
I have a heart for the broken.
I’m all about peace, love, and kindness.

Name one life lesson that you didn’t want to have to learn, but you are grateful you did, and why.

Oh, my friend, this lesson, the greatest lesson of my entire life, the one that changed EVERYTHING, was a doozie. One that I would not wish on anyone. My youngest son battled addiction for five, long, miserable years. He ended up homeless, living a life of crime, and strung out on meth and heroin.

Before addiction gripped Justin, I had a surprisingly good handle on life and I sought control in just about everything—I was confident, in-charge, and proudly independent. I didn’t need anyone! But when addiction snuck into our home and stole my youngest son, there was not one single thing I could do to help him. Believe me, I tried everything. That is when I finally broke.

I got on my knees, looked up, and cried out to a God I didn’t know. He answered my desperate cry and rescued me, and then, He rescued my son. That was six years ago, and now I gratefully turn control over to my Savior—my hope and strength lie in Him. What a beautiful thing it is to live in freedom with Christ!

Counting Spoons book Kathryn Inman Interview with Andersons of West Hills
Kathryn’s son Justin

What messages will people take away when they read your writing, and how can it help them?

I like this question. Most of my writing reveals vulnerability, pain, and suffering, but more than that, it shows that no one is beyond hope and that anything is possible through Christ. I believe my writing will leave readers inspired and hopeful.

What are you grateful for?  

So much! For the daily comforts of life—from my hot coffee in the morning, to my comfortable bed that I am blessed to sleep in at night. For a wonderful marriage. For a healthy, growing family. I am grateful for God’s sovereignty, for hearts made new, redemption, grace, rainbows, rainy days, the smell of a saddle, sliced cucumbers, my 2014 jeep that I love, for the gift of writing, and for each and every day the good Lord gives me.

I am deeply grateful for the time that Kathryn took to talk with me about her life and writing. I think you can see by reading this that exciting things are coming for her. The healing of her family is only just the beginning of the hope that she will bring to others by sharing this story.

Connect with Kathryn here:

Kathryn Inman Christian Writer interview with Andersons of West Hills

A note from Leslie @ Andersons of West Hills

If you have an amazing story to tell and would like to be interviewed for my blog, please get in touch!

I love to tell stories of restoration, hope, and healing. I am particularly interested in stories of people who have overcome the odds and have gone on to do amazing things, like starting businesses, writing books, and other creative ventures.

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