If You Don’t Believe in Yourself No One Else Will – Flip the Script and Grow Your Business

I have zero writing credibility, but I have 100 percent chance of success – here’s how I know.

As a new writer, blogger, and content creator, I’m in a big pond. Hello, I’m Small Fish, nice to meet you all. I don’t know exactly where this journey will take me, and that there will be moments of discouragement and failure along the way. I do know I will ultimately be successful. I’m ready for the ride. I’ve chosen to believe in myself and flip the script, here’s how you can believe in yourself too.

I have a story to tell.

I guess it’s important to note that not only do I have a story to tell. My story is one that I know for certain others will want to read.

I have a full life history full of successes, failures, give-ups, try agains, 5 kids, a husband, a business we started from scratch, and a lifetime of love and relationships to share with others.

I can tell you about the time I was a birth mom, the other time that I had a mid-life crisis, or we can talk about my philosophy on starting and owning a successful business for almost 20 years. There’s a lot of meat to my story that I know will be beneficial to others through my writing and I’m ready to share it.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs through the years. I’m a high-functioning and resilient person, though, and I’ve learned a lesson from every single thing I’ve been through in my life that I share through my writing. I know I’m not alone in this. We all struggle, whether we admit it or not. I happen to admit it openly. Rather than giving in to discouragement, I choose to share my experiences to help others. We can learn so much from this journey of life if we choose to.

Lessons learned are valuable

The lessons I have learned have made me a better person. In my experience, I self-correct when I get off track in life, and if I’m being an idiot, and I don’t self-correct, I get corrected by the world at large.

I’d like others to be able to read about my experiences, because maybe, just maybe, you can be less idiotic than I have been at times. I’m sure you are already less idiotic than I am. I may be high-functioning, but I am also a slow learner.

I’m funny.

I realize when I’ve totally screwed up, and I have no qualms about owning that responsibility and seeing the lighter side of things. I recently wrote a post about midlife crisis. A serious topic, but hey, let’s admit, it is humorous too.

I can do both at the same time, inform and give some brevity to some of life’s most serious issues. Without that, I don’t think I could go on in a positive way. I need others to see that I can own responsibility and also enjoy the human side of being imperfect.

I don’t give up.

It’s the same reason that I went from being a non-runner who owned not one pair of tennis shoes to a 15-time marathoner several years later. I became a student of running. As I grew, I followed others who were good runners. I was consistent and I made a plan and put it into action, and I consistently worked at it.
That is the same mindset that it takes to be successful in anything. The will and purpose to keep going. I’ve got that.

Take a listen to our podcast. We talk marriage, business ownership, and how we do both at the same time.

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