The Promise of Hope – Marriage Recovery

red leaf trees near the road
Marriage Recovery
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A Poem About Marriage Recovery

It was on the tree-lined path,
I had traveled so often in times before;
When I realized how lost I had become,
And my existence I had come to abhor.

I sighed and wondered,
And cried, at the present state of my life.
I was once a success, but now,
I was just a shell filled with worry and strife.

Alone in my wanderings,
Alone in my head,
Alone with my thoughts,
Alone in my dread.

Yet in those next moments,
I saw a hope that didn’t make sense.
Although the future seemed dreary,
I knew I could recompense.

It would take time,
But the healing would surely come
I had to try;
Lest I forever succumb.

What I did next,
Made the most sense to me;
I made amends to myself and others,
Walking into the future; free.

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