We Adopted…a 1957 Chevy Nomad

by Leslie Anderson – Salem, Oregon – aka Mrs. D

Hello! It’s been an amazing week. Leading up to this week, here’s a little back story on what’s been happening in our lives, business wise over the last few months. I’m going to do my best to document our journey with the new to us Nomad on my blog, so here’s the beginning. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

I started working with Jason full time around April of this year. It was really an accident, I had zero plans of being involved with Denwerks in terms of buying and selling cars.

Before I knew it, I had bought 7 vehicles and started selling them, alongside him, within a matter of a few weeks.

It’s been a great thing for us together as a couple, for our business, and just for satisfaction in life.

We’ve had overwhelming confirmation from friends, customers, and strangers who have been encouraged by our journey.

It’s great, because I don’t know that I would care if people didn’t like it, because I’m going to follow my own path, but it’s nice nonetheless to have encouragement along the way.

We had started our podcast, No Reserve, back in March of this year, and if you tune in, you can hear my transformation from choosing to quit my full-time career and pursue my own business, to working with Jason every day.

It’s really great that we’ve had documented this life change via the podcast because it’s something neither one of us anticipated and it’s truly been ‘no reserve’.

We have no plan, or maybe, that’s the plan, to have no plan. Either way, I’m loving the journey.

We sell a lot of our vehicles on Bring a Trailer and Jason is well known on the site. Once I started selling under my own user name (MRSDENWERKS) it wasn’t long until people started calling me Mrs. D. I’ve now sold 5 cars of my own, taking on the projects from start to finish and it’s been so fulfilling.

I love having customers and having a job in which the product is something fun. It doesn’t feel like work, that’s for sure. Mrs. D. is here to stay.

So as we have been working to make a living and enjoying Denwerks, we started to look for a fun car for Jason and I to work on together.

We worked on our Gambler 500 car in June and that was a short term project. We learned a lot about each other during our Gambler fun, and enjoyed learning from each other and we made a ton of good memories through that process. Here’s a little fun video we made for the car, it’s short, just a couple of minutes, enjoy!

Once the Gambler was over, it was back to work for us. So we have had an eye out for another project, and we found this beauty. 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon. As soon as we laid eyes on it in person, we knew we had to have it. So we did!

It was a former high school drag car back in 1976 and it hasn’t been run since. It’s been waiting for us. We’ve got to get it running again, which means a motor re-build. So this is a much more involved project for both of us, and lots of decisions to make during the process. We’re ready, we hope our new little Nomad is ready, because it’s happening.

And, for once, this one is not for sale. I can’t wait to dig in, get my hands dirty and spend lots of weekends with Jason working on this cherry bomb. We need to pull the 350 motor out and see what’s going on, and then decide where to go from there.

If there’s one thing I’m convinced of more than ever, it’s this. Life is an adventure, and I don’t plan to waste one single day of it.

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