The Dark – A Poem

by Leslie Anderson, Salem Oregon – Andersons of West Hills

Insomnia is new for me in the last couple of years, and I am not a fan, ha ha. Here’s a little something I wrote about it to pass some of those long night time hours.

Thanks for reading along, and I hope you are reading this in the light of day, and that sleep is finding you. I trust that it will find me again soon too.

The dark
It's a comfort but lonely
I wrestle with an anxious mind
Willing myself to go back to sleep

But it never comes
I wait.
I toss.
I turn.

I think of all the things that bother me
In the light of day, I had forgotten
But the dark brings them back to mind
So I worry them to an extreme

The hours tick by
I used to sleep so peacefully
But now it's a fleeting gift 
And I am unable to capture the elusive rest I crave

Eventually the dawn breaks
It's a relief and a nuisance
My eyes are tired already
And I have a full day ahead

I wonder what the next night will bring
Will it be a fight
Or will rest find me
Giving me a break from my weary mind?

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