Art for Sale – by Leslie Anderson, Salem, Oregon

Ah it’s been a great summer so far. Jason and I converted the third bay of our garage into an art studio. We’ve got a pottery wheel, kiln, work table, wood burning equipment and more furniture paint than I ever envisioned I’d own. Exploring creativity has been really good for our souls and we are enjoying the pieces we’ve made and learning as we go.

Creativity is something I never knew I had, but it turns out I do and I enjoy it. We’re selling a few of our favorite pieces, get in touch if you want to buy something :). Meanwhile, enjoy and I hope it brings a spark of the idea to step out of the regular box of living and do something you enjoy.

Tending to my plants, art work, spending time with my cats, going to a nice dinner at a favorite local/dive restaurant, and sleeping in have been the keys to a great summer. Ok, ok, selling some bad a$$ cars too, that has been super fun and I am officially hooked.

Take care, take a chance, put yourself out there, you never know what might happen to your life and how you will be transformed. That’s my hope and wish for every human who wants to be different and make a change. One small decision can change your life. One big decision can permanently transform you so that you’ll never go back. (Ask me how I know).


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