Let Love Grow Art by Andersons of West Hills

Let Love Grow Wood Art

I absolutely love this one! I just used a small wood round, stencils for the design, and wood burned the design in.

My absolute favorite finish is color wash, you get to see the natural grain of the wood and enjoy the art.

I like having flexibility so added a picture hanger, but used a picture stand for this one to put on my table for the photo shoot.

Thank you for checking out my art, Jason and I are having a ton of fun in the garage lately, and when delivery people come by they are likely to see Jason at his pottery wheel and me with a trail of woodburn smoke by my hair, haha. Yep, we’re the weird neighbors.

This one is up for grabs, get in touch if you’d like to purchase. $20 and free shipping or $22 if you want the picture stand too 🙂

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