Let Love Grow Art by Andersons of West Hills

I absolutely love this one! I just used a small wood round, stencils for the design, and wood burned the design in. My absolute favorite finish is color wash, you get to see the natural grain of the wood and enjoy the art. I like having flexibility so added a picture hanger, but used aContinue reading “Let Love Grow Art by Andersons of West Hills”

Spring 2022 – by Leslie Anderson, Salem, Oregon

Spring 2022, you have arrived. Well, you will arrive in a couple of days, but in my heart, spring is already here. It’s been a weird couple of years to say the least, and it feels like the heavens have opened and a little sun is peeking through in all areas of my life. TheContinue reading “Spring 2022 – by Leslie Anderson, Salem, Oregon”