Spring 2022 – by Leslie Anderson, Salem, Oregon

Spring 2022, you have arrived. Well, you will arrive in a couple of days, but in my heart, spring is already here. It’s been a weird couple of years to say the least, and it feels like the heavens have opened and a little sun is peeking through in all areas of my life. TheContinue reading “Spring 2022 – by Leslie Anderson, Salem, Oregon”

Denwerks You Tube Channel

Like Denwerks? Like You Tube? We’ve always featured our cars for sale on our channel, but we’re expanding the page to offer a couple of new features and I am so excited about these. I’ve really fallen in love with cutting and editing video, so that’s been a fun addition to our shop and ourContinue reading “Denwerks You Tube Channel”

No Reserve Podcast by Jason and Leslie Anderson Salem Oregon

Hello! Join us for our No Reserve podcast on Anchor and all other podcast platforms. A little about us: Jason and Leslie Anderson from Salem Oregon, and we talk about all things classic cars, marriage, our life, and never believing the lie that something is impossible. Link here to the latest episode, Season 2, EpisodeContinue reading “No Reserve Podcast by Jason and Leslie Anderson Salem Oregon”

The Promise of Hope – Marriage Recovery

A Poem About Marriage Recovery It was on the tree-lined path,I had traveled so often in times before;When I realized how lost I had become,And my existence I had come to abhor. I sighed and wondered,And cried, at the present state of my life.I was once a success, but now,I was just a shell filledContinue reading “The Promise of Hope – Marriage Recovery”

Small Business Success Story – Jason Anderson of Denwerks, Inc.

Well, here we go. I got the opportunity to interview Jason Anderson who happens to be my husband, my partner, my baby daddy, and co-owner of Denwerks, Inc. He’s a small business success story in every sense of the word. He’s a lot more too, as you are about to read. If you know him,Continue reading “Small Business Success Story – Jason Anderson of Denwerks, Inc.”