Interview with Michelle Layer Rahal: Christian Writer

I met Michelle Layer Rahal through April Cranford, who I interviewed a short time ago for the blog. April told me a little bit about Michelle and I was intrigued by her story about how she came to write her book, Straining Forward. When Michelle and I spoke on the phone she described how sheContinue reading “Interview with Michelle Layer Rahal: Christian Writer”

Interview with April Cranford – Christian Writer

Interview by Leslie of Andersons of West Hills I had the opportunity to talk with April Cranford recently and this is a post you definitely don’t want to miss. She is the author of Match Mission with Joy and she is currently building her author platforms in order to get published. When I spoke withContinue reading “Interview with April Cranford – Christian Writer”

Birth Mom Story: How Adoption Changed My Life

I recently shared my birth mom story with Brave Love. It took guts to do that. It wasn’t even just bravery, it was guts. Even after 28 years, my finger was very shaky when I hit ‘send’ on the draft. Go take a read sometime. My story is amazing and beautiful. It’ll challenge you. I’veContinue reading “Birth Mom Story: How Adoption Changed My Life”

Small Business Success Story: Teresa Hunt

Teresa Hunt Photography I published Teresa’s story about losing her two boys here and I wanted to interview her again about how she is moving forward. She is a licensed counselor and is spending her life helping others in that way. She has also been a photographer for most of her adult life. Teresa isContinue reading “Small Business Success Story: Teresa Hunt”

She Faced Unimaginable Tragedy and Loss – Teresa Hunt Story of Hope and Healing

I have known Teresa Hunt since 1993 when we were in college together in Seattle, Washington. From the time I met her, she was an inspiring person to me. I describe her as serious, committed, and talented in many areas. She has always had a deep faith in God and her wisdom has always impressedContinue reading “She Faced Unimaginable Tragedy and Loss – Teresa Hunt Story of Hope and Healing”