God, grant me the serenity…part 1 of the Serenity Prayer Series

The humbling experience of fully embracing serenity is beautiful and necessary in order for me to become the person I am meant to be. – me Introduction: The most well known part of the serenity prayer is the first section. I think most people know this part and associate it with recovery groups, 12 stepContinue reading “God, grant me the serenity…part 1 of the Serenity Prayer Series”

12 Step Recovery Isn’t Just for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. It’s For Everyone.

If you think recovery isn’t for you, think again. Every single person can benefit from the principles of recovery. We all hurt and struggle, and we all need a little help sometimes. Come along with me on a journey to discovering the Serenity Prayer in a new way.

Mile 26.2 – Life Lessons

Leslie Anderson Oregon On December 2, 2018, I had one of the proudest personal accomplishments of my life. I ran my 15th marathon, and this one was set to be a personal record, and Boston Qualifying race for me. I had put in all the work. I was ready. The weather was perfect that dayContinue reading “Mile 26.2 – Life Lessons”

Letting go.

Letting go. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and I know you already know this. They are words we often hear in our personal growth endeavors and the way forward to avoid bitterness, resentment, and staying stuck. There are libraries of books and self-help materials on the ‘how to’ of the subject. None ofContinue reading “Letting go.”