Leslie Anderson Salem Oregon – Can You Really Have It All?

What an amazing couple of months it has been! I officially kicked off Andersons of West Hills in February 2021, the 5th to be exact, although I’d been thinking about taking the plunge for a few months prior. I had been exploring writing, consulting, and how to use my skills for quite some time. ItContinue reading “Leslie Anderson Salem Oregon – Can You Really Have It All?”

The Promise of Hope – Marriage Recovery

A Poem About Marriage Recovery It was on the tree-lined path,I had traveled so often in times before;When I realized how lost I had become,And my existence I had come to abhor. I sighed and wondered,And cried, at the present state of my life.I was once a success, but now,I was just a shell filledContinue reading “The Promise of Hope – Marriage Recovery”


When I find myself in a hard season in life, I usually draw inward. Some of my sweetest and best growth have place in the midst of personal crisis or heartache as I’ve spent time reflecting and processing things that are going on. Music is a balm to my soul during these times and itContinue reading “Springtime.”

Small Business Success Story – Jason Anderson of Denwerks, Inc.

Well, here we go. I got the opportunity to interview Jason Anderson who happens to be my husband, my partner, my baby daddy, and co-owner of Denwerks, Inc. He’s a small business success story in every sense of the word. He’s a lot more too, as you are about to read. If you know him,Continue reading “Small Business Success Story – Jason Anderson of Denwerks, Inc.”

Good intentions won’t fix your bad hair day or your life.

I want to tell you a little story to illustrate good intentions. Good intentions won’t fix your life. You might be thinking that’s a simple statement, but why do you keep trying so hard then? If it was so easy, I wouldn’t be writing this article, and you wouldn’t be reading it. You can alsoContinue reading “Good intentions won’t fix your bad hair day or your life.”