Interview with April Cranford – Christian Writer

Interview by Leslie of Andersons of West Hills I had the opportunity to talk with April Cranford recently and this is a post you definitely don’t want to miss. She is the author of Match Mission with Joy and she is currently building her author platforms in order to get published. When I spoke withContinue reading “Interview with April Cranford – Christian Writer”

Small Business Success Story: Teresa Hunt

Teresa Hunt Photography I published Teresa’s story about losing her two boys here and I wanted to interview her again about how she is moving forward. She is a licensed counselor and is spending her life helping others in that way. She has also been a photographer for most of her adult life. Teresa isContinue reading “Small Business Success Story: Teresa Hunt”

She Faced Unimaginable Tragedy and Loss – Teresa Hunt Story of Hope and Healing

I have known Teresa Hunt since 1993 when we were in college together in Seattle, Washington. From the time I met her, she was an inspiring person to me. I describe her as serious, committed, and talented in many areas. She has always had a deep faith in God and her wisdom has always impressedContinue reading “She Faced Unimaginable Tragedy and Loss – Teresa Hunt Story of Hope and Healing”

Interview with Kathryn Inman – Christian Writer

by Leslie Anderson I recently had the privilege of interviewing Kathryn Inman, a Christian writer, who is poised to have a big impact with her upcoming book, Counting Spoons – A Memoir of Heroin, Heartache, and Hope. Kathryn’s book details the account of her son Justin’s battle with heroin addiction. She wrote the book alongContinue reading “Interview with Kathryn Inman – Christian Writer”